In Case You Were Wondering, Here are the FAQs:


What’s the vibe of your music?

Harrison and his bandmates like each song to elicit different emotions– e.g., some songs are high energy, funky, happy, whereas others are more introspective, maybe even some punk/rock or rap. Songs that give us the nostalgic feelings, even songs that can make us sit back and truly reflect on ourselves. 


What’s is your pricing?

Cost of gigs are dependent on location, type of event, duration, etc. For a custom quote, please contact Harrison here (link to contact page).


What type of songs do you cover?

You can browse my acoustic song list here. You can also download and view the LifeHacks set list here.


What type of instruments do you play with and do you have any venue requirements?

For acoustic gigs I mainly play guitar and piano, with bands I mostly play bass. In the LifeHacks we’re pretty simple in the sense that we are just a 3-piece (drums, bass, guitar), and the guitarist and bassists doing the singing. So we can fit at most places, and then on big stages, we’ve got plenty of space to spread out. Basically, we’ll make whatever work.

*If a stage plot or input list is desired, I can definitely get you one!


Do you travel for out of town weddings or other events?

Hell yea we travel! Please note, there will be travel costs included with your quote, but we can discuss all those details during our initial conversation.



Did I miss anything? Let me know!


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